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Finger Lakes and Down Under

Side-by-Side Wine Tasting Event

Experience! The Finger Lakes and Silver Thread Vineyard Present:

A Special One-Day-Only Event!!

Sunday, June 13th

Choose the format that works best for you!!

Riesling and Pinot Noir, while indigenous to Europe, have found much happiness in the New World of wine. Both of these grapes like cooler weather, and thrive in regions with lots of glacial soils, making the Finger Lakes, New Zealand, and some special regions of Australia ideal for growing these grapes.

Join us as we compare Finger Lakes Riesling and Pinot Noir from Silver Thread Vineyards with their counterparts from Australia and New Zealand. All these wines are driven by their exceptional fruit quality and minerality. All the wines are produced using sustainable methods on estate vineyards, and are pure examples of what is being produced in their regions.

We are offering this experience both in-person and virtually.  The in-person experience will be held at Silver Thread Vineyards at 2:00 pm and is limited to only 12 guests.  Each guest will receive a flight of the four wines, with a side pairing of two cheesesBottles of the wine will be available for purchase at the end of the presentation.

The virtual experience will begin at 4pm and is open to anyone who registers. Similarly to our other virtual experiences, households will receive one bottle of each wine in their kit that will be delivered directly to their homes.

Each event is expected to last around one hour.  Choose the format that is best for you and join us for this very special, exclusive and fun event!  Can’t wait to see you!