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A Spirited Mexican Tequila-Pairing Demonstration Dinner

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Join Chef Samantha Buyskes as shares the flavors and culture of  traditional Mexican cuisine in this fun demonstration dinner. Sommelier Laura Winter Falk and special guest mixologists pair each course with crafted cocktails made tequila and mezcal, as well as some other favorite Mexican libations.

Over the past few years, Samantha has lead small group culinary tours to the Yucatan Peninsula, the main port of Puerto Morelos, and Mexico City. During this evening Samantha will share with you her favorite recipes and the culture, history and stories behind them.

To truly understand Mexican culture, one needs to discover the significance of the noble agave. For thousands of years, agaves were vital to the survival of ancient Mesoamerican people, serving the dual purpose of practical tool and food source.

This 5-course demonstration dinner will celebrate the agave through a guided pairing of tequila and mezcal drinks and cocktails, along with other traditional Mexican beverages . Guest mixologists will be on-hand to craft the cocktails and share their recipes. Sommelier Laura Winter Falk will share the history and role of agave and its libations in the celebrations, rituals and rites of passage of the Mexican people, while ensuring pairings that showcase and enhance the inherent flavors of the dishes and beverages.

Turn a regular day in March into what will certainly be a most spirited evening of fun, learning, and lots and lots of deliciousness.


Whitefish and shrimp ceviche with totopos
paired with Hibiscus Ginger Margarita


Blue corn tortilla, mole, avocado, bone marrow, lime, chopped onion and cilantro
paired with Mole Mezcal Negroni


Tlacoyo Oval masa stuffed with fava beans and cheese topped with catatua, cotija, cheese, onion, salsa and lime
paired with traditional Michelada


Pasole with pork, chick peas, smokey chili pepper broth, tortillas, lime, cilantro and onions
paired with Tequila Añejo.


Tres Leches cake with dulce leche
paired with Café de olla with optional side of Xtabentún or Kamora


For those interested in coming from out of town, La Tourelle Hotel is offering our guests a special rate of $149 for the overnight stay on the 25th.  Contact La Tourelle at 607-273-2734