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Art of the Blend Virtual Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience

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Virtual Finger Lakes Wines & Cheese Pairing Experience

Our Art of the Blend Virtual Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience explores three locally-produced Finger Lakes blended wines. These wines are crafted to reveal the winemaker’s personal expression of style.  We have selected a wine from each winery for its quality and story, and then is carefully pair it with a locally-crafted cheese from artisan Finger Lakes cheese producer. Discover the magic and craft behind wine-blending and food pairing.  Sip, savor, and learn along with Experience! The Finger Lakes owner and certified sommelier, Laura Winter Falk, as she takes you through this specially-curated interactive virtual wine tasting event featuring:

Have fun while supporting the Finger Lakes region’s local dairy farms, farm wineries, and small businesses,  by purchasing your Art of the Blend Virtual Pairing Kit today!