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Nature and Culture of Downtown Ithaca Walking Tour

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Explore Downtown Ithaca on a Walking Tour

Celebrate Ithaca’s cultural heritage! Take a walk along downtown Ithaca and explore the wonders of the city’s natural and cultural heritage. This 1.75-mile loop includes visits to many of the unique landmarks and natural features that are the bones of this city, as well as two of the gorge creeks that are its lifeblood.

Stroll through the city with a former Yosemite National Park ranger/naturalist and Finger Lakes native. Discover the place where the Underground Railroad, paddle-boards, trolleys, stagecoaches, steamboats, and shared cars have all been legitimate methods of transportation. They say that “Ithaca is Gorges,” but it is so much more! Learn how people, places, nature, and culture have come together to define a city with a unique spirit.

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